h1: Are you looking to create your dream home

h2: Are you looking to create your dream home

h3: Are you looking to create your dream home

h4: Are you looking to create your dream home

Are you looking to create your dream home but are not sure where to begin?

Here at A1 House Designs, we know how complex it can seem. That is why our unique approach can help you turn that dream into a reality. 

We specialise in providing comprehensive designs for houses, house extensions, and small residential architecture. All of our designs are created by our team of fully qualified architects, who between them have years of experience working within the residential sector. 

Our mission is to help you create the house of your dreams by providing in-depth and high-quality designs at the most affordable prices possible. With our help, you can get your project underway and allow you to start discussing your vision with your local planning authority. Your chosen architect or engineer will also be able to utilise our designs, adjusting them as required – removing the need for them to start from scratch, significantly reducing the costs you face. 

We know how expensive building a home or adding an extension can be. That is why we offer three unique packages designed to suit every budget.

  1. Pack One provides all of the essential information you need, such as plans, evaluations, and sections.
  2. Pack Two is the next step up, offering a variety of options and plans to choose from, while
  3. Pack Three is our most comprehensive and is typically utilised when you require detailed drawings for your builder, local architect or quantity surveyor. 

So if you are looking to bring your vision to life and turn your dream home into a reality, get in touch with our team today!